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I am a nurse by profession but anything with business is my passion. After my nursing career that lasted for 2 years, I was engaged in Sales and Marketing. It was for a health insurance and a pharmaceutical company.

2011 when my curiosity started on how people earn online. I made some research and took some seminars. Not until 2014 when I continued developing my online skills. I took courses for several months and was able to understand the whole concept of online marketing.​

Today I do some projects and collaborate with some of my colleagues. I have specialized in some areas of marketing like Facebook ads and affiliate marketing. I also have online stores. 

I share here valuable tools that every travel agency can use for marketing their business online. I talk about tutorials, resources and products that can be of great help to everyone.

I will show you how marketers do their thing online. It is a list, actually series of proven strategies that they are using nowadays to grow their business or other businesses.

It is hard to do things on your own. I have been there... Now, I open this site for you to use, however it may serve you.

Leverage with me and my site. It is a good thing where you can have a guide to help you through.

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Bert Escio

Online Marketer/Entrepreneur​