I created this page for everyone to use as a reference. You can be able to take a look at the most updated tools that I am using. Some of these are paid for the services that they provide me while others are free. It could save you time and energy from scanning throughout the site.

I will highlight reasons or features why it is beneficial to me. Click the image or learn more for the link to their official website.

Rest assured it will be updated from time to time. If ever I encounter something new that would be a great help to all of us then rest assured it will be posted here.

I am using most of them and you can check out my site, email and posts. It is there.



This travel marketing website is being supported by Hostmonster. If you want to sell legally online, this is the first step. You can choose your own domain name and they will be your host. I have already tried their service for some troubleshooting via email and chat.

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All of the designs that you can see on my travel marketing website including its function are mainly edited using this plugin. - Inside Wordpress. Easy to use and can create great designs and pages quickly using their ready-made templates. In fact, I know nothing about html or neither familiar with codes. I Just drag and drop using this plugin.

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Email marketing will never be the same without this software. - Talk about automation. This one would be the back bone of the entire process of converting, generating and maintaining sales. "know who's in or who's not into your email". Ranking people's behaviour. If you receive my emails the moment you subscribe even at night. - This is the reason.

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You can easily create designs here. You would realize that you could make campaign banners like a pro. Dozens of templates you could choose from. You can also download your own images and make FB ads, Headers, FB covers, Travel Packages, Tour Promotions and more - you name it you can do it here.

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Are you looking for images? Not just ordinary but those you can use for your blogs and backgrounds. They have a lot of ready to use pictures for marketing posts. In addition, no need to worry about copyright. - you can use it for free.

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Outstanding Images for backgrounds and for posts. I use this as my first option for quality pictures. Once you check it, you will figure out where my designs came from. Also, copyright is not a problem for this one. You can use it for free.

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From its name logo maker - you can learn how to simply make a logo. You can just create your own logo and download to your PC. Tip: Just play with your imagination and representation of the logo's given. Then you can create your own without just copying what is provided.

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I use this one for screenshots. It is very useful for making presentations and tutorials. it provides a clear image of what you have on your screen. - Especially troubleshooting errors you cannot explain to your provider.

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I use this for my tutorials. This helps me a lot in creating videos using my computer's screen. It can also save your voice while navigating. It saves time as I can directly record the actual step by step procedure in using my software or plug-in.

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If you are looking for great courses to enhance your skills this has a lot to offer. They are loaded with topics for business and marketing. You will be able to discover and experience a new level of learning.

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If you are after a professional education this one is for you. You can manage your time while having an additional learning. Have an edge - diploma included for your course.

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  • HOSTMONSTER - To start a blog you need a reliable host for your domain name and an excellent customer service for their support. This is the one I mainly used for my website.
  • THRIVETHEMES - Design for a blog is a must. You need to create content which is both attractive and professionally looking. With this Wordpress plug-in, a single drag and drop could change your entire site. Lots of wonderful themes to choose from. 


For these set of tools, you can just search inside your Wordpress dashboard. Start with plug-ins and add new. There would be a search bar. Type the name and install. - Activate afterwards.

  • PRETTY LINK LITE - Shorten your URL inside Wordpress with this plug-in.
  • All IN ONE WP SECURITY - This would provide protection for your site. You can set limitations and security features.
  • WP SUPER CACHE - This would help you delete cache and run your WP faster.


  • GRAMMARLY - This would help you check your grammar instantly.
  • HEMINGWAY EDITOR - This helps me when writing long articles. It will guide you to produce easy to read articles.


  • THRIVETHEMES - Not just creating a wonderful content thrive has. It also has a lot of templates that is specifically designed to every marketing need you have. Name it they have it. They also have a sequence, one or two opt-in forms. It would definitely bring a whole atmosphere in targeting your potential clients. You might want to check their templates that would fit for your campaign.


  • DRIP - Automation that is right at your fingertips. You can schedule emails and send them even when you are at sleep. This is the one I used when some of you subscribe and instantly receive a message from me even if I am away. It has a ton of use. You can also monitor and check people's responses to your email. - It can rank them. You can also set broadcasts and workflow to automate your business.


  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS - Obviously it is from Google and you need an account for it. This would track your site performance.
  • HOT JAR - This is also a tracking system that analyzes your site. The big difference, it shows you heat maps where your viewers stay and what they actually click on your site. In addition, they have a lot of added tools you can utilize for better tracking. - Survey and Forms.


  • PAYPAL - ​Receive payments online and through credit card. I bet you already know them